Most everyone has been encouraged by the warmer temps in anticipation of spring and summer. Along with that comes the possibility of spring flooding.

With early spring rains and snow melt several areas along the Big Sioux River could see high water levels in the coming weeks.

Sioux Falls Flooding
Anthony Wright/Results Radio

Remember that picture from last year?  That's right here in Sioux Falls and we could be in for more of the same this year.

Water levels had been rising along the Big Sioux and according to KDLT TV the National Weather Service says about every third year you’ll see some minor flooding like this.

Now with these higher water levels that should also remind you to check your sump pumps at home. They could have been dry all winter long and not used since last spring or summer. It would be a good idea if your well pit is dry to pour a bucket or two of water in the well pit and run your sump pump making sure it’s operational.

You don't want to be hauling out wet flooring and in your basement and using the neighbor’s wet vac do you?

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