I'm one of the dinosaur's on the planet that still subscribes to magazines. No, not on some tablet (the only tablet I have is the one I take for this darn cold!). Not on some 'device' or computer. Nope. I get my magazine's the old fashioned way. Through the U.S. Postal service, delivered to my mailbox.

I like going to the mailbox on and check to see if my magazines are there. I get several, Sports Illustrated, Time, National Geographic and Smithsonian. I kind of wonder how long they'll be coming yet, because some have gone 'all digital'. I suspect it's kind of tough turning those electronic pages while laying on the couch munching chips and holding a perfectly chilled Grain Belt Longneck. But maybe not.

Anyway, those are the one's I get right now.

Then I get a notice in the mail. I could, if I chose, refuse the swimsuit issue and the company would extend my subscription by one issue. So I did.

Yes, it's true. I refused the swimsuit issue. I suspect now that I am probably the only human of the male species to do that. I know that this is the biggest selling of Sports Illustrated each year. Thousands...no, millions...of guys anxiously await the issue each year, breathlessly waiting on pins and needles to see who is on the cover.

I'm the goof, the oddball, the nerd that refuses it. Oh, it's not because I have anything against young women posing in very little clothing for professional photographers. Not at all. Heck, truth be known, I've subscribed to some of those magazines through the years (but, of course, only for the interviews and articles). Nope, if people want to have their pictures taken in only their underpants or less, it's no skin off my nose. Whether or not you have your britches on is your business. And, if I want to get a magazine with pictures like that, I'll go to the drug store or the grocery store or the book store and pick one up. If they still have them, that is.

Anyway, I guess I'm one of those weirdo's that get Sports Illustrated for the sports. I think Sports Illustrated has too many pictures in it as it is...I don't need an issue with nothing but pictures, no matter how nekked they are.

So just hold that issue back, and send me an extra one at the end of my subscription period. Maybe instead of a picture of Kate Upton, I can get a story about B.J.Upton. I'm waaaay ready for more baseball stories!

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