Sioux Falls was tragically hit with a tornado Tuesday night (9/10) as the clock neared midnight. A lot of damage is still being assessed at the end of Wednesday.

Many business locations took a hard hit, especially along 41st Street. There were several stores that were just ripped.

Sadly, one location was completely wiped out. And that was a very popular sports facility in Sioux Falls.

The Avera Sports Dome at the Avera Sports Institute is no longer there. All that's left is a pile of rubble.

Sports Dome 2
Mark Tassler/KXRB

The complex was located at 1601 West 44th Place, which is just South and West of 41st Street and Grange Avenue. The big white dome could easily be seen from 41st street, but not after the storm. It's gone.

My family had specialties to the Sports Dome, as my son competed in martial arts tournaments there. And we also attended special baseball clinics there also. We are very sad to see it destroyed.

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