The Mount Rushmore State is full of amazing sights to see and things to do. Whether it's traveling through the majestic Black Hills, staring up at the sheer awesomeness of Mount Rushmore, or experiencing the beautiful isolation of the Badlands. But if you want to get away from the crowds and find a spot all to yourself, you need to visit South Dakota's most underrated attraction.

Mind Your Dollars recently compiled a list of the most underrated attraction in every state and South Dakota's is off almost everyone's radar.

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So, where is South Dakotas most underrated attraction?

Credit: Jonathan Mast via Unsplash
Credit: Jonathan Mast via Unsplash

Welcome to the Pease Creek Recreation Area

Never heard of it? Well, this beautiful park spans 600 acres and straddles the Missouri River. Here's what Mind Your Dollars Had to say about it:

After soaking in the sheer magnitude of Mount Rushmore, you won’t want to miss everything else South Dakota has to offer. Just like its northern neighbor, this state is chock-full of underrated attractions. For the full SoDak experience, head to Pease Creek Recreation Area in Geddes. And bring your swimsuit!

You won’t be able to resist jumping into the sparkling, clear waters all around you. The best part about this park is its remoteness. You won’t have to worry about anyone creeping into your campsite or hogging space on the beaches!

-Mind Your Dollars Website

For a look at the most underrated attraction in each state, check out the article from Mind Your Dollars.

Story Source: Mind Your Dollars Website

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