South Dakota is a pretty big state. In fact, at nearly 76,000 square miles, it's the 16th biggest state by area in the U.S.

With all that land, there's a lot of wide open space for cattle ranches, agriculture, and state and national parks. And while most of the Mount Rushmore State's land is owned by those you may expect, one outlier on this list might make you scratch your head.

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The Four Largest Landowners in South Dakota

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35 Movies That Take Place in South Dakota

When it comes to South Dakota and Hollywood, we've seen our fair share of films that have used our state as the backdrop for a number of productions over the years. They may not have always filmed here, but movie folk love to set stories here.

We're all familiar with the blockbusters like 1990's Dances With Wolves, 1959's North By Northwest, and more recently, 2007's National Treasure: Book of Secrets. But our state's life on the big screen goes back nearly 100 years.

According to IMDb, it all started with Courtin' Wildcats, a 1929 film which, like so many of the 29 films on this list, is a Western set in the time before South Dakota became a state in 1889.

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