A South Dakota Native who travels with top country performers says thoughts still linger about the shootings in Las Vegas, and security is now tighter than ever.

Amanda Monger of Brandon is currently the production assistant for Blake Shelton.  She says security is a growing concern at any large concert.

"After that I was like can we please get stronger security because I always think about if someone comes into the meet and greet, the way Blake is standing, I am literally the first person they see." says Monger.  "So I got really stressed out about that.  I was so terrified.  This is a reality and it could happen any day."

Despite the fear, this woman who rubs shoulders with big country stars has chosen to push through the fear and continue with the job she loves.

Monger got her start in the industry in Sioux Falls at a Blake Shelton Concert and says when she travels with bands; different types of venues don’t bring more or less security concerns.

Since the Vegas shootings, Monger says she pays extra attention to those waiting at Blake Shelton’s concerts, and has security check out anyone she sees as a concern.

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