It's getting to be State Fair time and all roads lead to Huron!

The South Dakota State Fair is something thousands look forward to every year, and for good reason. You can 'Experience The Magic' beginning August 30 and what a State Fair Grandstand lineup!

And if you're thinkin' the South Dakota State Fair has been in Huron forever, well, you're almost right. The first State Fair was held there in 1885, and while it bounced around a bit (between Mitchell, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls and Yankton) it landed permanently in Huron in 1905.

But it was born out of state. Kind of.

The origin of the South Dakota State Fair actually began before there was a South Dakota. We were still 'Dakota Territory' and the capitol was...Bismarck. And that's where the Territorial Legislature approved an Act for a Fair...a Fair which we now know as the South Dakota State Fair.

Now, there was no new town designated as home to The Fair and a lot of 'new' towns wanted to have it. New towns like Sioux Falls, Pierre, and Huron. They basically said 'Pick us, pick us, we have race tracks, plenty of room and a bunch of money to make it great'.

So the Legislature of Dakota Territory considered and considered and the considered some more. And finally they made their decision up there in Bismarck:

Huron. Huron, Dakota Territory. Which, of course, became Huron, South Dakota when the territory was split and became two states in 1889.

And there you have it. The South Dakota State Fair was actually born in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Now then, head on up to Huron and enjoy the South Dakota State Fair August 30 through September 3rd!

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