Students across the state of South Dakota are on-line. All of them. That according to the governor’s office that released a statement on Wednesday that 100 percent of K-12 school districts in South Dakota now have access to high-speed internet.

A newly released report from national non-profit EducationSuperHighway, which highlights the status of broadband connectivity in the nation’s K-12 public schools, found that South Dakota has delivered impressive upgrades to its schools since 2016, leading to a median bandwidth of 2.77 Mbps per student.

Governor Kristi Noem said, “I am incredibly proud that as a state, we are one of the nation’s top leaders in providing reliable, high-speed internet to our students. By creating connectivity in the classroom, we arm students with the tools they need to prepare for digital careers and revolutionize the future of South Dakota’s economy.”

The increased focus on bringing high-speed broadband statewide is driving efforts to continue upgrading internet connectivity in schools in order to drive innovation in K-12 classrooms and prepare students for success in the 21st-century workforce.

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