With her address to state lawmakers South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is set to focus on aggressive economic growth for the coming year. The Governor is pitching prospective businesses on why they should move to South Dakota.

Noem is using her platform at the State of the State address to focus on “aggressive” economic growth in the next year. The state has topped the nation in some undesirable categories last year with the number of unplanted agricultural acres and the rate of college graduates leaving. But Noem hopes to turn that around by touting the state's low taxes and “reliable and dependable” workforce. The year's legislative session kicks off with Noem's address on Tuesday.

Our representatives should also be ready for 'fast and furious' session. According to reports things will be set at a fast and furious pace as elected officials will be working on a tight deadline. Many lawmakers have put issues familiar from last year at the top of their to-do lists. That includes stretching a tight budget, legalizing industrial hemp, and preparing for potential protests of the Keystone XL pipeline. They’ll also be casting around for how to help farmers wracked by last year’s bad weather and how to help people with mental health or addiction issues.

One key are legislators will be focused on is the hemp discussion.

Some key players in the session that opens Tuesday are Senate Majority Leader Kris Langer, who has often aligned with Noem, and House Majority Leader Lee Qualm. Qualm was among lawmakers who pushed back against Noem last year on the hemp issue.

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