There is no doubt that South Dakota has some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes in the United States. We love our openness with one-of-a-kind sunsets, open ranges, and wildlife natural beauty.

However, some say our roads in all this splendor do not equal that experience. In a recent release by Consumer Affairs, South Dakota was listed in the top ten states having the Worst Roads in America.

South Dakota may be one of the few states to easily get from point A to point B without many or any obstacles, but the condition of our roads sucks. The Consumer Affairs survey puts us at #6 of the worst roads traveled. By the way, Rhode Island comes in at number-1.

If you live in a larger South Dakota city your complaints usually tend to lean toward the potholes and construction areas during the season. And, yes Sioux Falls doesn't escape those two areas.

One of the reasons for the rating according to the report is about 75% of South Dakota’s 83,609 miles of roads are gravel or dirt.

State highways that extend from border to border, east-west are heavily traveled. Highway 212 which I normally take to my hometown of Redfield is a good example. The further you drive west the worse it gets. More narrow and less maintained. And here's a question: Does anyone pay attention to weight limits?

Aside from the two major Interstates, I-29 and I-90 highways 14/34, 44/18, and 12 are also main arteries of travel through South Dakota.

Taking Highway 14 from Brookings and traveling west to our state capitol in Pierre is a great stretch of road in South Dakota. You want to see prairie splendor just continue until you get to the Black Hills.

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