Gas prices are falling drastically across South Dakota. Parts of the state are seeing gas prices drop below $1.50 a gallon.

According to here are some of the prices being reported across South Dakota as of Tuesday morning:

  • Casey's in Tyndall - $1.49
  • Casey's in Winner - $1.49
  • Casey's in Springfield - $1.49
  • Costco in Sioux Falls - $1.65
  • Sam's Club Sioux Falls - $1.65
  • Midway Service in Baltic - $1.65
  • Palisades in Garretson - $1.65
  • Holiday in Sioux Falls - $1.95
  • Hy-Vee in Sioux Falls - $1.99
  • Casey's in Sioux Falls - $1.99

According to gas prices could drop below $.99 a gallon. They also stated, "U.S. oil prices are already at an 18-year low because of a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. But even if a deal is struck to end that fight the future is still pretty bleak for gasoline."

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