Software. It's a booming employment industry. In fact, according to TechRepublic, it's outpacing the overall U.S. economy. And South Dakota is among the states leading the way.

Software positions are growing twice as fast as all jobs across the country and the average salary is over a hundred grand a year! So where are all these jobs?

Right here in South Dakota.

According to the article South Dakota, Nevada and Wyoming are leading the way in the industry, growing by more than 30% from 2016-2018. It might be in manufacturing, it might be in health care and yes, it might be in agriculture. The software industry is booming in those areas as well as others.

The article goes on to say that positions available outpace the workers available. And that means demand for those folks entering the software workforce.

So a good job and good pay await for you in South Dakota. Read the full article here.

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