Sonny Curtis may be the most famous guy you've never heard of.

You see, Sonny was a member of Buddy Holly's Crickets.

Sonny wrote the all-time great hit 'I Fought The Law (and the Law Won)'.

Every week for years you heard the great Sonny Curtis classic 'Love Is All Around', the theme to one of television's biggest hit's 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'.

And in 1980 Sonny released a hit song that tried to set the record straight.  It was called 'The Real Buddy Holly Story'.  It was Sonny's response after seeing the Hollywood hit movie 'The Buddy Holly Story' starring Gary Busey as Buddy.

The movie certainly may have been entertaining (and I thought it was), but it wasn't, well....the real story.  The song is.

I was privileged to interview Buddy back in 1980 when the song came out.  He was truly one of the nicest gentleman I've talked with.  And talent?  Well just, as they say, see above.

So whatever happened to Sonny Curtis?

Well, at the age of 79 this 'Cricket' is alive and well and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 as a member of that iconic group.

Oh, and just as an FYI...Sonny is his real first name.



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