Ah, 2020. What a year.

We've learned a whole bunch of new words and phrases, you and I. Covid-19. Coronavirus. Social distancing. and now, one more.

Mask Rash.

KSN.com is reporting that with the summer heat (yeah, in case you haven't stepped outside the past couple weeks, the summer heat and humidity has arrived) there's an uptick in...rashes on folks faces. Why? Those masks.

Dermatologists are seeing more people in their offices with a rash on their face. According to the article, one patient opted for a cotton bandana rather than a face mask and some experts say he may be onto something. The dermatologist goes on to say there's no perfect mask for everyone. It's more about taking care of your skin. He goes on to say to avoid the skin irritation that a slightly moving mask can cause,  use a mild cleaner, then apply a moisturizer with sunscreen to your damp skin.

(Go ahead, insert a big 'ole sigh here)

The dermatologist goes on to say you can do this several times if needed, but don't just ditch the mask. Find a better fit if you need to, and keep moisturizing the skin.

So there you have it. We apparently just don't have enough to think about, worry about, be concerned about.

Mask Rash. Let me write that down in my book of new phrases for 2020.

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