On college campuses all across the country, the Class of 2017 is about to walk across the stage and take on the world. And what they'll find is a health employment market.

The latest government figures show that overall joblessness in this country has fallen to around 4.4% and for college-degreed workers that number is down to 2.4%.

The only negative with numbers like that though is with the unemployment rate so low, the fierce competition for jobs has driven down salaries in many parts of the country.

Many employment agencies will tell you to, "Land the job first and then worry about the salary." The key is do your homework. What are similar salaries in your marketplace?

So, what are hiring managers looking for? A solid GPA and some work experience or an internship. Those things still remain at the top of the list.

But staffing specialists say they're also looking for someone who can listen, communicate and carry on a conversation - they call those 'soft skills.'

They say a person's 'soft skills' are a good indicator whether or not they're going to be a good addition to their staff and fit into their culture.

The thing to remember is in a highly competitive job market those 'soft skills' can be the make-or-break for a new graduate.

So, put down that smart phone and go out into the world and meet people face-to-face. The better your 'soft skills' the better your chance of landing a job.

Source: ABC News Radio

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