You never know what the day brings when you walk out the door. Life is full of surprises. One Sioux Falls resident probably received the biggest surprise of the year.

Sara Thompson was just minding her own business while doing some grocery shopping at the Walmart located on Arrowhead Parkway. Not only did she walk out with her groceries, but she also drove away in a new car! So how did Sara win a new car? A social media influencer paid a visit to Sioux Falls and picked Sara to be the proud owner of a new Kia Soul.

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Our friends at Pigeon 605 got the exclusive story about Sara Thompson's lucky day. The social media star that gave Sara the ultimate gift is Jimmy Darts. A Minnesota native, Jimmy is known for traveling "the country doing random acts of kindness and posting the videos primarily on TikTok and Instagram." Jimmy started posting videos of doing good deeds when he was a teenager. His millions of followers even offer donations so Jimmy can continue his mission of giving gifts or money to strangers.

Coincidentally, Sara Thompson and her significant other, Tremaine Bell are fans of Jimmy Darts. She knew exactly who Jimmy was  Sara tells Pigeon 605 she never thought she would ever meet him.

“It was extremely shocking when he walked up to us. He wanted to blindfold us and take us to the parking lot. I was looking at him (Bell), do you want to do this? He said he recognized his (Darts’) voice, then he knew. He was looking at me in shock and thought we were being punked.”

Some Sioux Falls-area residents might recognize Sara from her days at Phillips Avenue Diner, Minervas, and The Barrel House. Sara currently works at the Crooked Pint Ale House as a member of the wait staff.

Jimmy picked the right Sioux Falls stranger for this new car. Sara is one tough cookie. Pigeon 605 explains Sara "recently has undergone three surgeries to deal with pain caused by an affected autoimmune system. That, in turn, is the aftermath of the intensive chemotherapy she went through." Sara has been in remission for brain cancer for the last eight years. She battled an "extremely rare form of lymphoma of the brain." What a strong woman!

You can read more about Sara's lucky day by clicking here.

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