Vietnam Veteran Chuck Albrecht, a volunteer with the Sioux Falls Vet Center, says there are a number of homeless veterans in the city!

"There are about 657 homeless veterans in the Sioux Falls area.  We're talking about men and women that are living in the streets, in a car, with friends day to day, and in motels."

Chuck encourages homeless veterans to take the initiative and get help.

"Once we start talking to a homeless veteran, the gears start moving.  .  These folks need to make that effort and come and talk to us.  We can't read minds.  Let us know you are in this situation."

Chuck says homeless veterans should check out the Sioux Falls Vet Center!

"The Vet Center is open Monday to Friday and the Sioux Falls V.A. Health Care System is also another resource.  Either location---stop by and visit with us because we will take care of you."

Although some veterans choose to be homeless, Chuck says that number is low.

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