Teachers in the Sioux Falls School District have voted to approve a 5-year agreement reached between negotiators for the Sioux Falls Education Association (SFEA) and the School District.

The District also has approved 5-year agreements with its other employee groups.

Under the new agreement, teachers will receive an 8.54% increase to the steps in the salary schedule, which SFEA negotiators say will help them recover from cuts in state funding made by the South Dakota Legislature for FY11 and FT12..

Classified staff and administrators will receive a 4.87% increase.

The agreement also includes an extension of the work week for teachers from 37.5 to 40 hours, with the additional time to be used for collaboration, professional development and lesson planning.

SFEA leaders say most teachers already work well beyond 40 hours.

The new agreements are scheduled to be approved by the School Board on April 22 and will go into effect July 1.

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