The warmer than normal December temps have been an early Christmas present for all the cold weather haters, and a real patience tester for the snow skiers and snow boarders of the Sioux Empire.

Thanks to the windy conditions late last week, and the unusual warm weather over the weekend, KDLT News is reporting that Great Bear Recreation Park had to resume playing the waiting game once again, after finally getting the chance to start making some of their own snow early last week.

The gang out at Great Bear is crossing their fingers that Mother Nature will get around to turning the thermostat down for good this week so they can get back to the business of producing powder again.

Dan Grider with Great Bear Recreation Park told KDLT News, they need a few days of temperatures in the 20’s and teens in order to create a good base of snow for the park.

Grider says, “No one wants to get the Bear open sooner than I do. It’s kind of a hurry up and wait for us a little bit. It’s really just dependent on Mother Nature, once she’s ready for us to open we’ll be ready.”

Skiers here in the Sioux Falls area already know this isn't the first time Great Bear Recreation Park has had to press pause on activities at the park. In recent years they've had to push opening day until mid December.

It's starting to look like it might be just a little bit longer this year.

My advice, keep waxing those ski's, with some luck and a little cooperation from Mother Nature, you ski bums and knuckle-draggers will hopefully be zipping down the hills of Great Bear again very soon.

Source: KDLT TV

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