Local hospitals, including the Avera Hospital network recently restricted visitors from coming to its hospitals and facilities. Avera Health hospitals and clinics are only allowing limited visitors for the end of life, NICU, and pediatric cases.  Avera officials are also instituting this policy to protect its patients from contracting COVID-19.   In an effort to protect its most vulnerable patients, hospital administration is also strongly recommending that visitors suspend visits to patients in Avera's long term care facilities.

The Sioux Falls School District stepped up and donated 83 iPads to Avera on Monday (March 30th) to help people navigate these unusual circumstances and "visit" their loved ones in hospital settings during this difficult time.

In a Facebook post early Monday evening, the Sioux Falls School District explained they had extra iPads in its reserve of school supplies.  This act of kindness is what the district calls a "small gesture," but it's something they can do to help facilitate another distressing repercussion of the pandemic.

It could be a scary feeling when you're in the hospital without your family or loved ones right by your side supporting you.  However, iPad technology creates endless opportunities to support patients while they are hospitalized, especially during those challenging moments.

It's these little acts of kindness that go a long way!  There are so many amazing good deeds happening in and around the Sioux Empire!  Keep the positive energy coming!

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