If you see a brightly decorated rock in a random place here in Sioux Falls, you may have just been the recipient of a new craze that has has made its way to our city.

Locally it’s called Sioux Falls Rocks, and Carla Burke Tibbetts started it here after returning from a trip from Florida, where random acts of kindness were spread in the form of decorated rocks.

The rocks are designed to brighten the day for whoever discovers it according to Burke, one of admins of Sioux Falls Rocks.

"If you see a rock, pick it up.  Absolutely if you fall in love with a rock keep it, but we do encourage you to re-hide, create a rock of your own to hide, or to re-hide the rock that you found originally."

The Facebook page Sioux Falls Rocks has about 700 members, sharing their painted rocks before they're hidden, or rocks randomly discovered by others.

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