Authorities are looking for leads in yet another armed robbery case, this one happening over the weekend in Sioux Falls.

KDLT News is reporting the robbery took place around 2:00 AM on Sunday, (October 29) when a man wearing a mask entered a business near 12th Street and Elmwood Avenue.

Sioux Falls Police told KDLT News the suspect displayed a knife when the clerk on duty told him they were closed. The employee then grabbed a phone and left through a different exit in the building to call 911 with another store employee.

The latest robbery suspect is described as a Native or Hispanic man, he is reportedly around 5 ft tall, and weighs 150 pounds.

The man left the business with an undetermined amount of cash.

This most recent incident marks the third Sioux Falls business that has fallen victim to an armed robber in the past week.

Within a 7-day time span, Sioux Falls has seen a series of overnight armed robberies at convenience stores and casinos.

Source: KDLT TV

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