Sioux Falls Police kicked off the distracted driving campaign on Wednesday.

Police Sgt. Randy Brink says officers witnessed a number of drivers who were not focused on the road.

"We saw people stop at the stop light and then grab the phone with both hands. We could see them handling the phone with the two thumb approach. All the attention was focused on the phone and not the roadway or anything that was going on around them. Once the light turned, they would continue on the phone. We saw several people driving down the road with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the phone."

Brink offers this message to Sioux Falls motorists!

"We're asking people to wait till they get to their destination to complete a text message. This will certainly make the city streets safer
the citizens of our town."

Brink says police officers issued 38 warnings for the suspected violations. In addition, seven seat belt violations and eight insurance violations were handed. out.

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