Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says a man left his car running with the keys in it at the Get N Go parking lot at 14th Street and Minnesota Avenue on Saturday. When he went into the store, Clemens says someone jumped in his car.

Clemens says Jeremy Stuart Provancial of Sioux Falls rammed another car in the parking lot two times before taking off from the scene.

Shortly after leaving Get N Go, Clemens says 911 received a call of a man laying in the street at Sixth Street and Prairie Avenue.  When officers arrived, they found Provancial unconscious and passed out in the street. The stolen car was located in the Cathedral parking lot where another car was damaged.

Clemens, who says the stolen car was totaled, offers this advice to drivers that leave their unlocked vehicles with keys in the ignition.

"The best thing to do is to take the keys out of your car.  If you're going to leave it in and have the car running, make sure you have a second set so you can lock the doors.  That's probably one of the main thefts of vehicles that we see with the cars running and the doors are unlocked.  It's too good of an opportunity for some people to pass up."

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