On Christmas Eve in Central Sioux Falls, Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says a boyfriend bit and strangled his girlfriend.

"During an argument, the boyfriend took the cell phone. She tried to leave. He actually drug her back into the house and then bit her multiple times. When the officers were there, they saw she had a bite mark in the middle of her forehead. He had also strangled the girlfriend several times as well."

Clemens identified the suspect as 28-year-old Anthony Bissell. The Sioux Falls man faces a number of charges, including assault and kidnapping..

In another assault late Monday night and into Tuesday morning, Clemens says a boyfriend struck his girlfriend with a two by four!

"As the girlfriend walked away she went upstairs. He grabbed a two by four and hit her over the head. She lost consciousness for a short time. When she regained consciousness, the victim left and called police. We know who the suspect is but we haven't found him yet."

The victim, who was taken to the hospital, suffered a cut on her forehead.

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