SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A Sioux Falls woman recently visited her favorite bakery on the premise that she had won free cupcakes, but she left the shop with an engagement ring.

Paige TeGantvoort, 24, was excited when she received an email notification that she was the winner of a free prize from the Oh My Cupcakes! bakery in Sioux Falls, the Argus Leader reported. She planned to spend March 23 getting her first manicure, having lunch with her boyfriend, 27-year-old Chase Weeden, and claiming her prize.

TeGantvoort didn't think twice about her boyfriend's mother asking her to get a manicure, and she quickly forgot that Weeden didn't have much of an appetite that day. TeGantvoort said she had her eyes set on the free cupcakes, failing to catch on to her boyfriend's nerves.

When TeGantvoort entered the bakery, the owner met her with a box containing six cupcakes.

"I was going to wait my turn in line," TeGantvoort said. "(The owner) said, 'Oh Paige we have your cupcakes.' I was like, 'Jeez this is a big deal.'"

She opened the box to find that her name was written on one cupcake, while the rest read "Will you marry me?"

She turned around to find Weeden on one knee.

"I was very, very nervous," Weeden said of the moments leading up to the proposal. But his nerves passed as soon as TeGantvoort said yes, while other customers erupted in applause.

"Celebrating people's special moments is what we live for," said Oh My Cupcakes! owner Melissa Johnson. "It was so cool to be a part of it."

The couple said they ate the cupcake with the question mark first, since it was no longer a question.

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