Sioux Falls police revealed a close call after they entered a home where a man arguing with a woman and had just doused her with gasoline.

On Thursday (August 17) at about 2:30 PM, police entered a home in the 5800 Block of West Missouri Street.  A teenage boy let police in to intervene in an assault with yelling and screaming coming from one of the rooms.

"The officers found a man trying to force his way into one of the bedrooms while holding a propane torch in one hand and an unknown object in the other." said according to Sioux Falls Police Department Lieutenant David McIntire.

"Officers tackled and secured the man, later identified as 45 year old Pai Yang of Sioux Falls. Investigation at the scene showed that Yang had assaulted an adult female in the residence and doused her in gasoline. Yang was attempting to enter the bedroom, where the female and three young juveniles were hiding, and set her on fire."

Police called in the bomb squad upon discovering Yang holding an electrical detonator and a container of gasoline.

Yang was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, 3 counts of False Imprisonment, 3 counts of Cruelty to a Minor and Placement of Explosive or Device as to Endanger Human Life or Safety.

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