If you think this February in Sioux Falls has been excessively cold, the numbers can confirm. There is absolutely no way Sioux Falls will have above average temperatures in February.

A dive into the numbers show that with 10 days left in the month, the average high would need to be 45 degrees and the average low would need to be 32 to tip the scales. You may now begin snickering, because it’s not going to happen.

It seems statistically that February has been the most likely month to be icier than others in Sioux Falls. Over the last 11 winters (including our current season), the National Weather Service Sioux Falls Bureau recorded below average monthly temperatures seven times in the year’s shortest month. December and January each have been on the cooler side five times each in comparison during the same time period.

February 2018 won’t likely threaten record territory, but does have a beggar’s chance to rival 2001 when the average was 10.9 degrees. Through February 18 of this month, the average temp is 8.1 with most forecast nightly lows to be a little warmer than that on average through the end of the month.

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