Who doesn't love a delicious burrito? But where can you find the very best one in South Dakota?

As it turns out, the best burrito in the entire Mount Rushmore state can be found right here in Sioux Falls.

Travel website Far and Wide has compiled a list of the best burritos in every state and a signature Sioux Falls restaurant stands above the rest for the best burrito in South Dakota.

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The Best Burritos in Sioux Falls

Here's where Far and Wide says you can find, not only the best burrito in South Dakota but also, Iowa and Minnesota.

In South Dakota? The number one option for a burrito is Jacky's. Jacky's has 3 locations in Sioux Falls, and if you look at its impressive menu, you can see why this place is a fan favorite.

At Jacky's, there are several different burritos to choose from: Breakfast Burritos, Dry Burritos, Wet Burritos, and even its famous Shrimp Burrito.

What About Our Neighbors?

Jackys Restaurant (via Facebook)
Jackys Restaurant (via Facebook)

As for surrounding states, the number one option in the state of Iowa comes from Iowa City. There, you can find the best burrito in the Hawkeye state, at La Regia Taqueria.

In the state of Minnesota, the favorite place to grab a burrito is at the Maya Cuisine in Minneapolis.

For a look at all 50 states and to find the best burritos from coast to coast, see the article from Far and Wide here.

Story Source: Far and Wide

Story Source: Jacky's Restaurant

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