I had the great opportunity once again to work with some of the finest boys and families in the community again this year. I was the announcer for their fun event.

Cub Scout Pack 225 held their annual Pinewood Derby on Saturday, February 1st, 2014 at the home of their charter organization, SD Achieve.  This event dates back to 1952 in California, and has become a staple of Cub Scouting.

Each scout is given a car kit consisting of a block of pine wood, four nails to use as axles, and four plastic wheels.  Cars are required to meet certain technical requirements, for example a car cannot weigh more than 5.0 ounces or be longer than 7” long, but from there the design possibilities are endless.

Pinewood Derby2
Mike Bitz

These cars were powered only by gravity and inertia, along an sloped aluminum track.  Boys of the same age group raced in heats, and the fastest four cars moved on to the pack championship races.  Final results were:  1st - Carter Bitz, 2nd - Lincoln Vasgaard, 3rd - Will Naro, and 4th - Kyan Carlson.

Trophies were also given to the fastest car of each den who did not advance to the championship race.  These were:  Tigers - Dietrich Haan, Wolves - Cooper Johnson, Bears - Connor Horr, and Webelos - Charlie Mickelson.

Three awards were given for creativity and workmanship as well.  Most Creative Car - Zachary Gudmundson, Best Designed Car - Cooper Johnson, and Best of Show - Parker Strain.

All participants:
Berning, Devon
Bitz, Carter
Carlson, Kyan
Fischer, Griffin
Gudmundson, Zachary
Haan, Dietrich
Helland, Jack
Hernes, Quintin
Horr, Connor
Johnson, Cooper
Johnson, Hunter
Johnson, Landen
Julius, Landon
Leedom, Evan
Mickelson, Charlie
Naro, Will
Strain, Parker
Van Buskirk, Simon
Vasgaard, Lincoln
Winter, Ashton

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