The way the Sioux Falls Canaries started out the season, there was a lot of optimism that they would snap their playoff drought.

However, that early season success hasn't translated to success the entire season.

After sitting in first or second place for a while in the early months of the season, the Canaries now sit in fourth place in their division and are 14 games back in the standings.

Some of the lack of success isn't the teams fault as multiple players have been called up to higher leagues and when you lose talent of that caliber, it makes it hard to sustain the winning.

Considering some of the restrictions on things like salaries and facilities like some other teams in their league, you have to give Canaries GM Duell Higbe a lot of credit for putting together the roster he has constructed.

There is always next year is a phrase that gets thrown around in sports when your team isn't doing that well and it appears it is time to look toward next year for the Sioux Falls Canaries.


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