Mayor Mike Huether has announced what he considers to be the Top 10 wins that Sioux Falls City captured in 2013.

#1. Operation Timber Strike! On April 9, 2013, our city experienced a tremendous ice storm, but no serious injuries were reported! A great team, including citizens, City, State, and private partners, worked together to keep our city safe and help it bounce back quickly.

#2. Record-Breaking Construction. Sioux Falls building permits broke four different records in 2013 including construction valuation for building permits at $588.2 million, total number of building permits, number of townhome units, and cumulative number of dwelling units.

#3. Over 3,000 New Jobs! Unemployment rates dropped from 4 percent to 3.1 percent in 2013, and the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center is meeting its project goal of 85 percent local jobs.

#4. Indoor Ice, Indoor Tennis, Indoor Swimming. The momentum is building for indoor recreation, and it’s being made possible through public/private partnerships.

#5. Events Center Sponsorship Sales Are Staggering! Nearly $14 million in premium seating and sponsorship sales were achieved in 2013 for the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center project. The City is well on our way to operating the new events center in the black.

#6. Getting Infrastructure “Stuff” Done! Orange barrels are everywhere on the streets of Sioux Falls, but improvements also are taking place on the sewer system, bike trails, and so much more.

#7. Downtown Is One Happening Place! The Downtown Hilton Garden Inn, Phase II of the River Greenway, an extreme makeover of the Public Parking system, and more are making Downtown Sioux Falls an even more vibrant place.

#8. Subdivision Compliance. At the beginning of the year, nearly 30 subdivisions within the city limits had streets or utilities not completed by the original developer. The City worked with the developers to complete unfinished projects, and now only three subdivisions are not in compliance. A financial security also is now in place to protect the City and homeowners if this happens in the future.

#9. Shape Places Unanimously Approved! After 60 public meetings and thousands of hours of work, the City Council unanimously supported the 260-page ordinance.

#10. Rock Solid Financials. Name a stronger city than Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Our great city is experiencing strong sales tax revenue growth, a growing property tax base, and we’re adding to our piggy bank for four straight years.

Can you name another "win" for the city of Sioux Falls?

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