If you're planning to travel out of the Sioux Falls airport today, you'll need to hustle and get there long before your flight, due to the fact that the x-ray machine is out of service. The TSA is working to fix it, but at this time they don't have a time that it will be repaired.

In the past when we've been advised to be at the airport 2 hours prior to a flight, at least in Sioux Falls, anyway, you could argue that that length of time wasn't really necessary, especially early in the morning. Today, however, 2 hours might just be a minimum.

Check out the below video to see what is going on at the airport this (Friday) morning, in case you have any doubts.

Sources: Argus Leader and Angela Kennecke KELO TV


Angela Kennecke from KELO TV posted this video on her Facebook page.

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