Do you need to make sure you have something you can talk to your dad about at your family Christmas this year?

How about a video? You can pull it up and say, "Hey dad, look at this isn't cool?" Then you guys can laugh and hug and then you can go to the gas station to get a pop for an hour.

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Here is a guy playing Jingle Bells on some wine glasses with an Airsoft Rifle:




10 Reasons NOT To Move To Sioux Falls ;)

Sioux Falls is a special place. There is really no place else in the world quite like it. It is a unique spot of shining joy on the edge of the plains. But, if someone is planning to move here, there are a few things to know...

Check Out This 1962 Listing of Sioux Falls Bars and Restaurants - Do You Remember Any?

Check out this collection of Sioux Falls bars and restaurants. We have Giovanni's Steak House, The Rainbow Bar, Harry's Hamburgers, Eagle Bar and Lounge, Pancake House, Nickel Plate, and more. Do you remember any of them? Or how long any lasted?

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