Maybe we can all relax a little and see the future is in good hands when kids are choosing to do things like this high school graduate.

There has always been this idea by older generations that younger generations just don't "get it".

A Texas senior that opted out to serve homeless people pizza instead of having a graduation party has added some balance to that thought.

From a Fox 26 Houston story:

They served 95 pizzas and handed out 410 hygiene bags with items like soap, toothpaste and deodorant.

Earlier this year, Leanne told her parents she didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a graduation party and wanted to do something different instead.

They reached out to the Star of Hope and planned for months.

To read the entire  Fox 26 Houston story click here.

Doing good always feels good so I'm sure this memory will impact the families served and those who did the serving for a long time.

I'm a curious person and I've asked many people why they choose to serve other people and give their time to others.

Almost 100% of the answers have something to do with watching their parents do it growing up or someone did something for them one time and it changed them.

You never know the ripple effect of a good deed, or how many eyes are watching and will follow your example.

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