It's one of the classic horror films of the 1980's and now in 2015, "Theeere Heerre!"

Poltergeist has been rebooted with a new cast and a contemporary setting more than 30 years after the original made. Unlike in the original movie - which featured the Freelings, the reboot follows a family called the Bowens with a daughter named Madison. (Sorry, no Carol Anne).

I asked our resident Poltergeist fan (yeah, he's that old) what he thought of the trailer. Here's what he had to say:

Personally, I saw the original ‘back in the day’ in the theaters. A lot of the remake looks like nothing more than a retelling of the original with upgraded special effects. A lot of the same scenes are there: the little girl in front of the TV, the scary clown, the tree in the backyard. The only new stuff seems to be some “Paranormal Activity”-style scares (the person being carried away by unforeseen forces, the child hiding in the corner and then turning around with a scary face). Personally, like most remakes/horror movies, it will make a ton of money the first week (enough to cover the production costs and warrant a sequel) and then disappear quickly. I am curious to see if they do the infamous ‘man tearing off his own face’ sequence.

The new movie 3-D will hit theaters on July 24. What do you think? Is it worth checking out?

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