Don't be looking in a woman's purse. Not even if it's your wife's or belongs to your significant other. Nope. Doing something like that will get you an angry stare, a slap or shot. Maybe sued.

Nothing good happens there.

But what the heck, we can go back, back, back and see what Grandma hauled around in her purse. And I'm thinkin' it may be a bit different than what's in purses today...not that I'm lookin'!

One thing Grandma had, and I mean had always, was a handkerchief. Oh I know, these days it's just so much easier to carry tissues, but that wasn't Grandma's way, was it. No sirree, if you had a smudge on your face, Grandma took care of that with a dainty handkerchief and a little good 'ol fashioned Grandma spit.

Somewhere in that purse there was face powder. A little dab'll do ya (of face powder for Grandma and Brylcreem for us boys).

Lipstick down there in Grandma's purse? Of course! What would the folks at church say if Grandma didn't freshen up those lips!

There could well be gloves and a scarf in there, too. Oh, and hair pins. It gets windy 'round these parts!

And there was an assortment of, well, other stuff. Some peppermints loosely rolling around, a good remedy for a rambunctious little boy (not that I'd know). A thimble and a little thread for emergencies. And Band Aids...always a few Band Aids.

Yep, Grandma carried a few things in that ever present purse that you probably don't see much anymore (I'm not 100% sure 'cuz I ain't lookin' in no purse!).

So what did I miss? What long ago item was in your Grandma's purse that brings back a warm memory or two? Contributed To This Article

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