Most students would enjoy a little extra time at the end of summer vacation before heading back to school. With the help of concerned citizens and parents in Sioux Falls, that could soon be a reality.

According to our news-gathering partner, KDLT News, a measure to push the school start date to after Labor Day will come to a vote in April. But the Sioux Falls School Board has made a proposal of their own, to move the start date just a week later than where it sits now.

Last May, a petition was circulated to collect signatures in favor of putting the school start date to a public vote. That petition was successful, but those opposed to a post-Labor Day start date aren't backing down.

School Board members are hoping their proposal is a compromise that members of the community can get on board with.

Roosevelt High School Teacher Barb Newitt says a later start date would mean more work for her, but the real damage would be done to students. If the start date gets pushed back as far as the day after Labor Day, Newitt says there's no way the semester could end before that break.

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