Halloween is a holiday that brings someone's worst fears to life in realistic ways.  This might include walking through a haunted house or corn maze.  You never know who or what will be lurking around the corner...

Before my mom was an 8th-grade teacher, she worked at a park district in the suburbs of Chicago.  Each year, they host a haunted maze full of ghosts, zombies, and witches alike!  I was dressed as a zombie one year and danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  I still remember the dance to this day!

Even though I participated in some haunted mazes, I will never walk through one.  Corn mazes and haunted houses creep me out.  I don't like knowing that someone or something could pop out at any moment.

Mark and I wondered if our audience would rather venture into a haunted house or a spooky corn maze during Wednesday's Morning Show.  Mark would take the risk through the corn maze.  He has tougher skin than I do!  No doubt about that!  Based on the poll, our audience agrees with Mark!  They would travel through a corn maze!

Corn Maze: 31

Haunted House: 28

This was another close race!  Would you rather walk into a haunted house or a corn maze?

Credit: daniilphotos/ Getty Images
Credit: daniilphotos/ Getty Images

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