There is a upcoming report that is claiming in 2011, that a good amount of HGH was sent to Peyton Manning's wife.

On Sunday, Al Jazeera will be airing a special entitled "The Dark Side" in which it has claims from a Pharmacist that HGH was sent to the Manning's home under Peyton's wife's name.

Peyton's agent has aggressively denied that Peyton himself ever did anything wrong in his rehab from the neck issues he had in 2011 as he was recuperating from neck surgery that year.

His agent however did not confirm nor deny whether or not Manning's wife may or may not of been using HGH herself as he sited her medical history to be a private matter.

This does though raise huge red flags within the sports world as many did question at the time how Manning was able to return from such serious surgery at his age and lead a Broncos team to the playoffs in his first year after surgery and a Super Bowl the following season.

I don't think Al Jazeera would do a in depth piece that details out HGH shipments to the home of the Manning's if you didn't want the assumption to be that Peyton Manning used the HGH and not his wife.

That in itself is a huge assertion when you are talking about one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

The reaction to this news, the special and the eventually reaction by Manning himself will be very interesting as well.  A reaction that could change how the masses view Peyton Manning.


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