A lot of us remember the days of the Country Outlaw's.

It was the mid to late 1970's and the country music airwaves were filled with music that have now become classic's by artist's that have become legendary.  Name's like Jennings, Paycheck, Coe, Jerry Jeff and Nelson.

But with the advent of the 'new' country and phrases like 'bro-country', 'hick-hop' and 'country-rap', well, country music has taken a new turn.  Whether it's good or bad, you can decide.

But one thing's for sure.  It's hard to be an Outlaw when you're not wanted anymore, as Willie tells us on this great cut from his 2014 album 'Band Of Brothers'.



Now, one of the Outlaw's you may not be familiar with is Billy Joe Shaver.  This Texas 'Outlaw' released a now legendary album 'Old Five And Dimers Like Me' in 1973.  He was as instrumental in the 'outlaw' movement as anyone, including those more famous artist's mentioned above.  He wrote 'Hard To be An Outlaw' and included it on his own 2014 album 'Long In The Tooth'.  That version (with help from Willie) is featured below.



Ahhh, the Outlaw's.  Those were, as they say, the days.