Asleep at the Wheel front man Ray Benson teamed up with his longtime friend Willie Nelson for his latest song, and he's letting readers of The Boot see the video for the track first.

'It Ain't You' appears on Benson's recently released solo album, 'A Little Piece,' which he co-produced with Lloyd Maines and Sam Lightnin’ Seifert. After winning nine Grammys as the leader of Asleep at the Wheel, Benson approached his first solo project in more than a decade with the intent to branch out and try some different things. The result is what may be the most personal collection of songs in his 45-year career.

'It Ain't You' has an impressive pedigree.

"When Sam, co-producer of my solo CD, played me this song written by Waylon Jennings and Gary Nicholson, I was amazed that no one had ever recorded it!" Benson tells The Boot. "It's definitely an undiscovered gem and strikes an emotional response with many people. After listening, I called up my pal Willie Nelson and asked if he would sing the song with me. He agreed and we went out to Luck, Texas and recorded his vocal."

The song is a fitting match to the pair's enduring friendship.

"Willie is 81 years young, and I'm close to turning 64. The song is about growing old and yet feeling and acting young ... It felt so appropriate for us to do," Benson notes. "The video has captured the feeling of the song with its slow-motion effects, an inside look at the backstage concert preparation and a peek of our long history together as friends. Hope you all enjoy it."

'A Little Piece' is available at iTunes and Amazon.

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