Another generous donation has been given to the Salvation Army anonymously.

Every year we hear about someone dropping a valuable gold coin into one of the Salvation Army kettles. This usually takes place in one of the bigger cities in the region, such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, or even Sioux Falls. However, this most recent coin was dropped off at a kettle in southwest Minnesota.

According to Dakota News Now, a gold coin from South Africa called the Krugerrand coin was dropped off anonymously at a Hy Vee in Worthington, Minnesota. There are a number of different Krugerrand coins in circulation, but this one, in particular, holds a value of roughly $900.

Not only was one of the Krugerrand found in Nobles County, but a second was also found in Meeker County, Minnesota as well.

The Krugerrand gold coins were minted in the country of South Africa in the late 1960s and are some of the most widely purchased and distributed gold coins on the world market these days. On the face of the coin is an image of former South African President, Paul Kruger.

To read the full story and watch the video clip, click here for the article from Dakota News Now. 

Story Source: Dakota News Now

Story Source: Investopedia

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