It seems no matter what the jobs situation is, people are out looking for new employment. If unemployment is high, many people are without a job and are seeking work.

If jobs are in overabundance like they currently are, there are several openings and it's a good time to seek out greener grass. Whatever your situation, if you are facing a job interview, make sure you totally prepare for it.

The interviewers are experts in most cases. They have planned questions that are meant to trick you up.

They have to have these to sort out the qualified from the unqualified. Because there are people who are not totally honest when filling out their job application, the interview process will include tricky questions.

How you answer these could very well be the deal maker or breaker on getting hired. Let's take a look at some common questions and some tips on how to answer them:

1) What's your dream job? Have a definite answer that has something to do with the job you are applying for. If there's no connection, it's a sign that you may leave the company short term.

2) What are your success stories and failures? Start with telling about failures. Make sure to point out what you learned from it and how you won't let it happen again. Most applicants aren't prepared for this one and this is an opportunity for you to really shine.

3) Tell us about how you described yourself on your application. Whatever wording you used, such as "problem solver", be ready to give exact examples.

4) Why are you looking for a new job? Don't fall for this one by badmouthing your current or previous employer. If you do, you will damage your credibility. The right way to answer this question, is explaining your career path and how the job you are applying for fits it.

5) Is there anything we should have asked you that we missed? This is a huge opportunity for you. Most applicants will just say no. But if you come prepared, this is a chance for you to add something that will help you get hired. have a question with an answer planned to really stand out.

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