After being stalled by two snowstorms, Project Nice and Keep is now underway. The annual program selects several neighborhoods on an annual basis, inviting residents to pile up their unwanted items, including large pieces for hauling to the landfill.  The program began Tuesday (April 24) and will continue till all items in the project area are collected.

The city has set up parameters for the free garbage removal service.

• Area A is an area contained within the boundaries of South West Avenue on the west, South Minnesota Avenue on the east, West Ninth Street on the north, and West 18th Street on the south.
• Area B is an area contained within the boundaries of North Sycamore Avenue on the west, Veteran’s Parkway on the east, East Sixth Street on the north, and Arrowhead Parkway on the south.
The 2018 Project KEEP includes one area contained within the boundaries of North Weber Avenue on the west, North Cliff Avenue on the east, the BNSF Railway on the north, and East Tenth Street on the south.

LuAnn Ford with the Sioux Falls Health Department describes the program in a statement. "Projects NICE and KEEP were first introduced approximately 29 years ago when the City began to notice an increase in the number of nuisance issues." said Ford "The City first developed Project NICE to identify specific neighborhoods at risk of nuisance concerns and assist the neighborhoods to address those concerns. A few years later, Project KEEP was introduced to work in conjunction with the NICE program.
Each year the Environmental Division of the Sioux Falls Health Department receives approximately 1,800 calls and referrals from citizens concerned about neighborhood environmental nuisance issues."

NICE is an acronym for Neighborhood Improvement Complaint Easement and KEEP is an acronym for Keep Environmental Enhancement Permanent.


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