Apparently, if you want to make the most money once you've graduated from college in South Dakota you'll want to head for Aberdeen.

Thrillist has put together what they call 'Colleges With The Highest Earning Graduates In Every State', and for South Dakota, it's Presentation with $36,400. Some of the criteria they used include: "the most recent College Scorecard data on four-year institutions, zeroing in on the mean earnings of graduates a decade after they first started school."

A check in our neighbors includes Carleton College in Minnesota ($65,600), Grinnell College in Iowa ($59,500) and in Nebraska, Doane University-Arts & Sciences ($47,700). You can get the top for every state here.

And by the way, you'd think the top of the list would be filled with Ivy League Schools, but that's not the case. Only Rhode Island's Brown University cracked the Top Ten, at number two ($87.600). The University of Maryland-Baltimore tops the list (($102,900).

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