I remember having candy cigarettes but never a pill bottle with candy!

KDLT TV reporter Sydney Kern has the story of a birthday party with some questionable treats.

A third graders birthday treat to their fellow classmates has raised some red flags for parents.

They say every student in the class received prescription pill bottles filled with M&M’s.

It was meant to be a creative treat, but some feel it could be sending the wrong message.

A Sioux Falls woman who has a third grader at John Harris Elementary posted a picture on Facebook showing a prescription pill bottle with the message “eat one M&M as needed”.

In the caption the mom wrote “we have several concerns, as we have taught our children that medicine is NOT candy.”

Dan Peterson who owns Dan’s Drug store says that’s a good lesson to teach:

That’s one thing they taught us in school, don’t ever associate medicine with candy because then kids have the potential to get into it and they potentially think its candy.

Parents say the mom of the child whose birthday it was, is a pharmacist.

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