Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says 18 vehicles were damaged over the weekend.

"We had 12 car windows that were broken. We had six more car windows broken that we believe were shot out with a BB gun. The BB guns happened all over the place. The broken windows took place primarily in the southwest part of town where the cars were parked."

Clemens says this isn't the first time a number of vehicles have been targeted in Sioux Falls.

"We run into this a few times during the year. For whatever reason we just had a bunch of them to take pace this point in time. The one thing going for us right now is home protection. Many of them have personal surveillance systems. Hopefully we will get something from that. Maybe the neighbors have some images and we will be able to track down the suspects."

Clemens urges residents to contact police if they have information about the vehicle vandalism incidents.

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