As a reporter, I have been covering the daily media briefings at the Law Enforcement Center in Sioux Falls. Police Information Officer Sam Clemens provides the information about the crimes to the news reporters. Lately, we have heard about a mob attack in Sioux Falls, as well as various aggravated assault incidents and a recent bank robbery.

Despite the crime reports, Clemens says Sioux Falls is safe!

"When you start looking at the crimes we have and compare them to those to other cities of similar size, we stand pretty good. We hear a lot about different things and certainly there seems to be more serious crimes that happen. But, overall when you look at the amount of crime that we have, I think we are a pretty safe city."

Clemens says the most common crimes in Sioux Falls are the result  of unlocked cars and houses.

"We have a lot of different thefts from the cars. People will forget things from time to time leaving them behind in the vehicle and they disappear. If we can get residents to lock up their houses and cars, many of those crimes would drop off."

Clemens says there are a lot of crime prevention tips that people can do to make themselves safe and keep their property safe as well.

If you're planning on traveling during spring break, here are some basic safety tips that can keep your home safe from burglars:

Double check all points of entry to your home (including the garage) to make sure they are locked, and use your alarm system.

Do not share the fact that you will be away from home on social media as burglars see this as an indication.

Entrust a spare key to a neighbor or family members so they can check on your place and pick up the mail.

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