Are you a collector of rare things? Do you need a new centerpiece for your dining room table or just a nice conversation piece for your living room?

Well, here's something you won't find at the local department store! It''s tempting, but the problem is, I can't afford it.

Maybe this is in your budget. Wanna buy a piece of the moon?  A huge piece of the moon that crashed down to Earth is being sold for $500,000.

The 12-pound lunar meteorite is made of up of six fragments that can be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. The big rock, unofficially known as "The Moon Puzzle" due to its unique shape, was found last year in the Sahara desert.

It’s one of the largest chunks of moon rock to ever go on sale to the public. At a half million bucks, I would rather get a seat on the next lunar mission and pick out my own rock. And one that's in one piece!

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